About Us

Games that rock!

Our team

Our Company

Although Nine Rocks Games is a relatively young studio on paper, many of us have been making games for over twenty years. We started in the nineties as Cauldron, making games like Spellcross or Chaser, which fans highly seek until today. We made successful multiplatform hunting games under Cabela's brand for Activision, then became part of Bohemia Interactive, working on DayZ. We are a team of more than 55 people consisting of seasoned veterans and fresh talent, and we want to show the world our love for quality games.

Our Values

Making high-quality games has been in our DNA for more than twenty years. We'll never give up on delivering the best game we can. We care about the team members simultaneously, and we want them to grow, learn something new each day and be proud of what they do for Nine Rocks Games projects.

Our Mission

Make games that rock(s)!