Steyr Arms are masters of craftmanship, creating every hunting rifle with high-quality materials and outstanding design. From their start in 1864, they have been legends in their field with a focus on quality, reliability and precision. The Steyr Arms pack introduces 4 new hunting rifles to Way of the Hunter, including the recently launched Steyr-Gams.

Steyr Mannlicher Cl II Fullstock

High reliability, maximum precision, convenience of use, the Steyr Mannlicher CL II is one of the better options for dealing with the biggest and most dangerous game.

Steyr SSG M1

Intended for mid-sized big game, the SSG M1 rifle can meet the most demanding mission requirements. Based on traditional virtues like precision and reliability, it also boasts a new multi-function chassis not found in any other rifle.


The Steyr-Gams is the ideal rifle for high alpine hunting, based on the proven Ultra-Light rifle. It features an optimised scout barrel and an integrated picatinny rail for precise optics mounting. The innovative combination of carbon stock and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology creates an ultra-light rifle of the highest quality and precision.

Steyr Monobloc ARMAD Green-Brown

An all-steel weapon made according to military standards for ultimate ruggedness. New "monobloc" construction—the barrel and housing are made from a single piece for unbeatable accuracy. A top ergonomic stock with numerous, innovative options for customization. This limited edition uses high-grade ARMAD steel and features a green-brown finish.

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