Join Malachi, a professional hunting guide, as he leads a group of adventurers through the thrilling world of Tikamoon Plains, inspired by the African wilderness. Explore diverse landscapes, from windy mountains to deadly deserts and vast savannahs teeming with life.

New Hunting Experience

Bows have been added as a new class of weapons and require a different hunting approach compared to firearms. Exercise caution when using them, hunter.

Enjoy the Ride

New radio stations for several maps have been added to make the long rides more enjoyable. Beware, don’t turn up the volume near animals...

Welcome to Africa

Whether you explore by car, UTV, or on foot, Tikamoon Plains will offer you a surprising range of biomes. From lush, green grasslands and riverside forests in the southeast, to the dry savannahs with scattered trees and bushes, to the mountainous and desert regions in the west.

Power of Nature

Sometimes, even the hunter can become prey. When you get too close to or hurt animals, you can expect them to fight back and charge at you.

Play as You Want

Select the map, character, and difficulty, and play freely without constraints of the story, objectives, and tasks. It’s just you and the animals. You can also use the new Hiker difficulty for some short hunting sessions.

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