1.24.1 update is live on all platforms

Ambient sounds, new scope, Free Hunt mode difficulty fix and more

Welcome to Africa. Again. We have carefully monitored what bothers you after the Tikamoon Plains DLC (and 1.24 update) release and tried to put things in order. With this update, you can enjoy African ambient sounds, enjoy the story without being interrupted by unclaimable animals, or be free to set up difficulty for the Free Hunt mode. The update is live for all base game owners, even if you don’t own Tikamoon Plains or any prior DLC. Please check the patch notes for details.

Version 1.24.1 patch notes


  • Added: Scope ZOOMXD Thunderstrike XR12x44

  • Added: Tikamoon Plains ambient sounds


  • Fixed: Special mission animals can respawn after you have claimed them

  • Fixed: If a player fast travels or is knocked out before a fatally wounded animal dies and it is killed upon despawn, the animal remains in its last pose

  • Fixed: Inability to claim the man-eating lion after harvesting a different animal during the mission

  • Fixed: Lion rare fur variation being called albino (changed to leucistic)

  • Fixed: Wrong claim date on taxidermized animals

  • Fixed: Albino animals have different eyes in-game and on the claim screen

  • Fixed: Incorrect trophy age for multiplayer animals in the hunting log

  • Fixed: Pop-up when resetting game settings to default, offering players the ability to reset game progress

  • Fixed: Difficulty in Free Hunt mode not being based on the difficulty wizard

  • Fixed: Outline of warthog intestines in the bullet camera

  • Fixed: Hunter sense dot being too bright when breath is held for the first time


  • Tweaked: Reduced mule deer aggressivity

  • Tweaked: Bow reload animation while crouched

  • Tweaked: Animation when selecting a diorama or a trophy for a stand


We will be grateful for any feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please ensure you enter the correct version).

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