1.24.2 patch is live on all platforms

Video and gameplay options, Razer Chroma Support and various tweaks & fixes

Together with the Steyr Arms Pack release, patch 1.24.2 is live on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It brings several new features like Razer Chroma support, the ability to take screenshots directly in Photo mode, or the option to skip the story race mission in Aurora Shores. This update also offers many tweaks and fixes, including improved framerate stability on consoles in specific locations. The update is live for all base game owners, even if you don’t own Steyr Arms Pack or any prior DLC. Please check the patch notes below for details.

1.24.2 patch notes


  • PC: Razer Chroma support for compatible devices

  • PC: In-game ability to take screenshots in Photo mode

  • Video option - Sharpness

  • Gameplay option - Hunter Sense screen effect intensity (on/half-visible/off)

  • Ability to skip the story race mission in Aurora Shores

  • Albino chamois


  • Encyclopedia now opens on the Animals tab by default

  • Removed half-years from animal age ranges in the encyclopedia

  • Specified different male/female age ranges of some animal species in the encyclopedia

  • Items in Storage are now sorted by categories

  • Lowered arrow damage to lungs

  • Adjusted shotgun pellet weight and ballistic curve for more appropriate shotgun damage and effective range

  • PS5, Xbox: Improved framerate stability in specific locations


  • PC: Occasionally unresponsive right click after reaching the edge of the screen

  • Animals not changing need zones in response to hunting pressure

  • Various localization issues

  • Incorrect age range for Ross’s goose

  • PS5, Xbox: Blood splash particles not working in Performance mode

  • MP: Host’s perks progressing by client’s actions

  • Gemsbok trophies are misaligned on some dioramas

  • Incorrect bird animation blend from flying to landing

  • Foxes not spawning in the Aurora Shores mission “Fix the Fox“

  • Mission Animals that were killed a second time and could not be harvested, not despawning

  • PS5, Xbox: Camera stutter while aiming down sights

  • A caller is shown twice in the player's hand

  • PS5, Xbox: Same action used for “More info” and “Switch user” in the Main menu

We will be grateful for all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please ensure you enter the correct version).

We constantly analyze and fix other bugs, including accidental and unresolved console crashes. Thank you for your continuous support and patience!

Good hunting!


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