1.24 update is live on all platforms

Compound bow, charging animals, free hunt, and more!

Alongside Tikamoon Plains DLC release, update 1.24 is live on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, bringing a compound bow, charging animals, free hunt mode with character selection, and much more to Way of the Hunter. The update is live for all base game owners, even if you don’t own Tikamoon Plains or any prior DLC. Please check the patch notes for details.

1.24 update patch notes

  • Added: Compound bows

    • Skye Ferran Wonder

    • Skye GAVI Wonder (Tikamoon Plains DLC only)

    • Skye Vortex Lock-on (Tikamoon Plains DLC only)

    • Skye Vortex Switch (Tikamoon Plains DLC only)

  • Added: Bow sights

    • ZOOMXD Triumph

    • Overgaard Perfect Mount Red Dot

  • Added: Free Hunt single-player mode with character selection

  • Added: New difficulty: Hiker

  • Added: Animal charging behavior. Most animals can attack when the player gets close to them (lower probability), or when they are hurt (higher probability)

    • Charge sometimes: American black bear, brown bear, cape buffalo, honey badger, kodiak bear, mule deer

    • Charge rarely: Alaska moose, fallow deer, lion, rocky mountain elk, roosevelt elk, spotted hyena, western moose

    • Charge very rarely: American badger, bighorn sheep, common warthog, eurasian badger, greater kudu, golden jackal, mountain goat, red deer, roe deer, sitka deer, white-tailed deer, wild boar, wood bison

  • Added: Jackie (previously unavailable) and Malachi playable in MP

  • Added: Parking spots on the Hunting map

  • Added: Map-appropriate animal portraits in the Main menu

  • Added: Rare fur variations for animals (Tikamoon Plains DLC only)

    • Albino cape buffalo

    • Leucistic lion

  • Added: New radio stations

    • Alaska: Cozy Tunes, Loop Station FM

    • Tikamoon Plains: Savana FM, Records 97.2 FM

    • All maps: Kick BeatZ, SoulFunk Radio


  • Tweaked: Main menu design and flow

  • Tweaked: Difficulty descriptions. Added a difficulty selection wizard for first-time players

  • Tweaked: Distance from which animal calls can be heard - 330m (Hiker/Explorer), 300m (Adventurer), 280m (Hunter/Ranger)

  • Tweaked: Hunting log. Real-life date has been added to each log entry and actions “Next” and “Previous” have been flipped

  • Tweaked: Radio stations based on location

  • Tweaked: Camera bobbing when crouch-walking on a slope

  • Tweaked: Hunter sense ballistic info. The hit indicator changes color if the projectile hits the target while in the ideal hit energy range

  • (MP) Tweaked: Improved vehicle responsiveness and driving experience, especially on the client’s side, with fewer teleportation issues


  • Fixed: Perk “In an earshot” - animal calls can be heard from 400m (Hiker/Explorer), 370m (Adventurer), 340m (Hunter/Ranger)

  • Fixed: Inaccurate Hunter sense analysis when using binoculars

  • Fixed: Occasional inability to claim Hollywood, rabid fox, and other animals

  • Fixed: A different animal is displayed on the claim screen

  • Fixed: Fatally wounded animals dying under the terrain

  • Fixed: Small game teleporting when being shot from approximately 550m

  • Fixed: Visual issues with the main menu mule deer

  • (MP) Fixed: The host’s markers deleting when the client creates a new one

  • Fixed: Micro stuttering during certain missions

  • Fixed: Females with 1* trophy rating in taxidermy assistant

  • Fixed: Surf Scoters flying in circles on the ground

  • Fixed: Need zones out of level boundary in Transylvania

  • Fixed: Old vehicle sometimes stay on the map after a recall

  • Fixed: Minor environmental issues

  • Fixed: Localization issues


  • Known issue: If a player fast travels before a fatally wounded animal dies and it is killed upon despawn, the animal remains in its last pose

  • Known issue: Special mission animals can respawn after you have taken them down. Successfully hunting the animal again won't allow the player to sell or taxidermy it for a second time

We will be grateful for all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please ensure you enter the correct version).

We constantly analyze and fix other bugs, including accidental and unresolved console crashes. Thank you for your continuous support and patience!

Good hunting!


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