1.25 update is live on all platforms!

Not only do we have the exciting DLC Matariki Park dropping today, but we also bring you another thrilling update. Update 1.25 is now live, enhancing your gaming experience in more ways than one!

Alongside Matariki Park DLC, update 1.25 is now live on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S for all owners of the base game even, bringing an elevated tripod stand, melanistic Fallow deer, essential tweaks, fixes, and more to Way of the Hunter! The update is live for all base game owners, even if you don’t own Matariki Park DLC or any prior DLC. Please check the patch notes for details.

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Discover New Zealand and its remarkable blend of biomes.

(PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S) Version 1.25 patch notes

  • Added: Elevated tripod stands

    • Antoillier Big Brother

    • Antoillier Giraffe (exclusive for the owners of DLC Matariki Park)

  • Added: Melanistic fallow deer (Transylvania, Matariki Park)

  • Tweaked: The spawn system of albino, melanistic, and leucistic animals has been adjusted to make them more rare (The change will take effect after the rares in your current save file have been harvested or died)

  • Tweaked: Send save & Reset progression options are no longer available while in-game, only via Main menu.

  • Tweaked: Encyclopedia: Animals are ordered alphabetically based on their English instead of Latin names.

  • Tweaked: (Xbox, PS5) Improved framerate in Visual quality mode (additional improvements are still ongoing)[/list][b]Fixed:[/b][list]

  • Fixed: Perk “Sitting and watching“ not updating correctly

  • Fixed: Small branches and leaves stop bullets on some trees. The distance shown in binoculars (rangefinder) and in hunter sense while looking through a scope (hunter sense dot) will remain affected by foliage

  • Fixed: Hunter sense glow effect on discovered need zones when the player had the perk “Walk and sense“ unlocked

  • Fixed: The player character doing a little dance when using the rattle bag caller crouched

  • Fixed: Rangefinder number in binoculars not following accessibility settings

  • Fixed: Incorrect lifecycle info of pheasants and helmeted guineafowl in the encyclopedia.

  • Fixed: Infinite ammo with bows and crossbows

  • Fixed: The wrong animal responds to the Elk caller after the player has changed the call option.

  • Fixed: Scent visualization in the hunting map not working while in hunting stands

  • Fixed: Overlapping in the diorama “Two Cape Buffalo [Calm]“

  • Fixed: Visual bugs on mountain goats in the claim screen

  • Fixed: Rebinding movement causes problems with camera control in photo mode.

  • Fixed: Settings: Controller scheme missing “Focus / Hold Breath“ button description.

  • Fixed: Various localization issues

  • Fixed: (Xbox) Achievements not updating for some players

  • Fixed: (Xbox) Multiplayer not being accessible for some players

We will be grateful for all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please ensure you enter the correct version).

Thank you, and good hunting!


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