Nine Rocks Games supports Bratislava Game Jam 2022

Last week ended with an amazing event Bratislava Game Jam 2022

For eight years now, creators of video games have been meeting in Bratislava to create innovative video games from scratch in a single weekend. The event is a celebration of creativity - all created games are unique and often go beyond traditional video game appearance. Sixty participants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic created this year's atmosphere. Nine Rocks Games is proud to partner with this event as we support local activities such as this.

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Judges had pretty hard decision-making! The jury consisting of Magdaléna Švecová (UCM FMK), Ivan Klčo (Nine Rocks Games), Jozef Vančo (Arcade Watch / Hemisféra), and Miro Straka ( selected the winning game Typerider, produced by the team Pokazená Fujara, among 17 unique games. The jury appreciated the innovative mechanics of the game and its impressive visual processing. The prize for the best aesthetic experience goes to Tretie vidmo produced by the /// (slashslashslash) team, and the audience awarded the participants' prize to the game Reload to remember, created by the team Ten pes z Duckhuntu.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up! The energy and efforts were on another level.

Here's a sneak peek of all the winning games of Bratislava Game Jam 2022 - all available for download HERE.

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