People of NRG: Adriana Falťanová

Meet Adriana, NRG's top-notch UI/UX designer!

Adriana is the only UI/UX designer at NRG who creates immersive user experiences. She is the creative force behind Way of the Hunter and other projects. Adriana started working as a marketing graphic designer. Early on, she left her imprint on the game WOTH, contributing to the menu UI, HUD, colorblind accessibility options, and more. Today, after three years at Nine Rocks Games, she is a skilled UI/UX designer and works hard to bring the most wonderful visual game experience to players.

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Before working with us, she worked as an exterior designer and engineer, from which she holds a degree in exterior architecture. While she enjoyed this work, she quickly realized that in practice she had to make many compromises that undermined her original design, especially in Slovakia where landscape architecture is usually the last resort when building new urban environments. Where the real environment ends, in video games it only begins, and that is where she found game development much more creative and interesting. Adriana is a very ambitious person, so after several years as a graphic designer on the NRG team, she moved on to something even more challenging. That's where her journey as a UI/UX designer began. It was a natural fit and she is rocking it!

If you could have any life motto, what that would be?

As I think that I can work most effectively when the deadline is near, I like the saying, that “diamonds are made under pressure”. But still, I never let go to the world a piece of work I would be ashamed of, so the quote from the Bible paraphrase “Work like you are working for a God” is close to me as well.

What do you do in your free time?

My main hobby outside of work is CrossFit because, after a few hours of sitting in the office, it's the best way for me to clear my head. Then I also like to read books - the genre depends on what I need - whether it's something to motivate me (5 AM Club or Atomic Habits are my favorites), something educational - especially nature books, or some sci-fi or fantasy - I love the Witcher series, for example. I used to take a lot of photos too, I even won a student international competition once, and now I'm still the person to wait for when we're on a trip because it takes a while to capture something I want from the right angle, or even wait for the perfect light. And I also own two cats and a hamster - not in the same household, of course.

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Here are a few facts about Adriana that may not be essential but are certainly delightful to know:

What was the first video game you ever played, and what do you remember most about it

First games I played were on my uncle’s old Win95. It was Doom, Prince of Persia, and The Lion King. I remember, how easy to understand were the games for children back then, and still adults found them entertaining as well. Crash Bandicoot is also a nice example of it - the game was broadcast on TV and people were playing it through their landline telephones live.

We used to watch it as a whole family and it was really fun. Now the games are more complex, more demanding on skills, and require far more time to finish than before. I am not complaining, it is as it is. On the other hand, today's games are a lot more eye-pleasing, especially for me, as I prefer more realistic, immersive, and cleaner visuals.

What's one thing most people in our office don't know about you?

When I was 14, I studied the Greek language for two semesters at Comenius University Bratislava, because I fell in love with Greek islands. Due to growing obligations, I needed to quit. Now I still can read the Greek alphabet, although most of the words I don’t understand. My Greek language book is still waiting in my room for its opportunity, as I intend to spend some part of my life there in the future.

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Among Adriana's various interests, photography emerges as a dedicated pursuit, allowing her to skillfully capture and express meaningful moments through the lens.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely sushi.

Where do you see yourself in the (near) future? What would you like to achieve at NRG?

Right now, I think I am exactly in the right place where I need to be. My current work is accurately challenging for me, and I am enjoying it. I am looking forward, to where the growing skills will lead me.

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