People of NRG: Anastazia Volarova

A vegan creating 3D animals for hunting game? Meet Anastázia – fascinating and one-of-a-kind!

Anastázia is a cheerful 3D Artist, mainly focused on creating 3D models of animals and trophies, and implementing them into Unreal Engine. Her passion at work is to balance realism, aesthetics, and naturalism in the most attractive way. It requires her to be focused especially on cooperation with other departments, which is why she's got to be cheerful. "Otherwise, everybody would hate me if they saw me too often next to their desk, so I am a super happy and cooperative 3D Artist!"

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Anastazia, 3D artist for Way of the Hunter

As an artist, she often has the opportunity to work on interesting and diverse projects. One of those was the animated film named Spy Cat, where she worked as a 3D Animator. Another remarkable project that was close to her heart is called Lipa Land. It is a children's app designed for phones and tablet devices, created for educational and entertainment purposes for children between 3 and 7 years old. Its a fantastic tool for deepening the connection between modern parents and their children, providing assistance with teaching, playing, or crafting for them.

What do you do in your free time?

I tend to say that my day should have at least 48 hours so I can do everything I wish to do, because I have plenty of hobbies and interests. I really like a good psychology books or podcasts. Everything about self-growth or improvement in communication or building relationships, or maybe even the logic behind people's behavior, is a very interesting topic for me to discover. Then I like sports like weight training, biking in the beautiful Slovak forests (I used to bike with my dear dogo Danie), other athletic activities like wall climbing, pole dancing, aerial hoop, and calisthenics.

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I also love music and things connected with it - playing the piano, composing music, dancing, or just visiting concerts. Believe it or not, even though I do 3D modeling at work, I still want to do my own projects at home. So, my typical evening is Netflix on one display and ZBrush on the other one... and those are super chilled times! And if I had more time, I would definitely take the photo camera in my hands and create modeling photos as I used to do about ten years ago. Also, sewing clothes would definitely be my thing! But that is probably something for the next life of Anastázia.

Here are a few facts about Anastázia that may not be essential but are certainly delightful to know:

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What is the most challenging aspect of game development and how do you overcome it?

I think that the most difficult part of game development is bringing new ideas among tons of overused topics and genres in the highly competitive world of studios. This also applies to my work, where I have to think outside the box and strive to create solutions and designs that are fresh and haven't been seen before.

Are you a gamer in your free time?

Yes, I consider myself to be a passive gamer. This means that I watch someone else on YouTube playing the games I like while I'm doing something completely different. I'm particularly into horror games like Resident Evil, F.E.A.R., Soma, or Outlast. But my guilty pleasure is The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim. It's something I can play like a teenager who jumps straight onto the computer after school and plays until late at night.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Burger. But you can't forget the cucumber!

What do you think are the benefits of having an ever-increasing number of women employed in the games industry?

I believe that the growing number of women in game development brings new perspectives on different issues, fresh ideas, desires, interests, and topics that have not yet been explored. With these changes also comes the development of a deeper empathy in gamers' perceptions, allowing them to experience entirely new perspectives on the game.

As the competition and level of artists in the games industry continue to grow, what advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to embark on a creative journey in the games industry?

I would recommend to anybody to learn from professionals in their respective fields. Collect the best works as your inspiration, and you will be filling your brain with the highest quality art from the beginning of your artistic journey. Average works are often full of mistakes and imperfections, which you might end up learning if you use them as your primary source of knowledge and growth.

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