People of NRG: Boris Vacula

Today, allow us to introduce you to Boris, NRG's gameplay engineer, and a true expert in BTS!

Meet Boris, our senior gameplay engineer with a huge passion for game development. His main focus is on developing features for Way of the Hunter and its downloadable content (DLCs). He also engages in research activities and contributes to designing systems such as those for blood tracks, animal signs, and ambient effects. These systems are documented to ensure that his work can be understood and effectively integrated into the overall game development process. To accomplish this, he collaborates closely with game designers and artists, employing C++ coding and Unreal Engine tools.

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Having been a part of the gaming industry since 2011, Boris joined our team at the beginning of 2020. This gives him a substantial experience in the field, because Boris has firstly started at Cauldron working on multiple hunting games under Cabela's brand for Activision. After that, he took on a whole new challenge at Bohemia Interactive, helping craft the epic world of DayZ

What do you do in your free time?

I do a few things. I do live streams on my Youtube channel where I talk about games and life experience. I love to explore new technology, especially software. I spend a lot of time tinkering with my Raspberry Pi where I run my own file server for my friends and family. I also operate my own Bitcoin full node, which is a topic I could talk about for hours.

Do you have any life motto?

“F*** around and find out.” - Just do something and you will gain valuable experience. I’ve seen people get addicted to comfort and get nothing done for too long.

Here are a few facts about Boris that may not be essential but are certainly delightful to know:

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What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get the joy watching players react positively to my games. Especially if the game scares them, like DayZ does. Or evokes extreme excitement.

What's the most challenging aspect of game development, and how do you overcome it?

Keeping up with all the new technology and tools is very demanding. This industry develops so fast that if you don’t experiment with personal projects during your free time, you will fall behind the competition.

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When he's not busy with game development, Boris operates his own BTC node, and he shared his experience with it in his recent presentation.

What's a personal goal you have for yourself that you hope to achieve in the next year or so?

I strive to become a good public speaker. As an introvert, I struggle to remain calm when I am the center of attention in front of crowds, but every public speaking I do, it gets better and better.

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