Spooky! Update 1.19 (Dev branch)

Spooky! New development version of Steam update 1.19

Update 1.19 is live now on the Development branch on Steam, bringing you a time-limited Halloween event, and a number of fixes and improvements to Way of the Hunter.

(Development branch, Steam) Version 1.19 patch notes:

  • Added: Halloween event

  • Added: Asset 3D Viewer in Encyclopedia

  • Added: Animal Inspect in the Claim screen

  • Added: Animals downed in a body of water float towards the shore

  • Added: “What’s new“ in the Main menu

  • Tweaked: Sound cues in Hunter sense: Sound analysis displays the animal species only if the animal makes calls or squeaks. If the animal is fleeing or breaking branches, only distance is shown. Explorer difficulty remains unchanged - all the information about animal is displayed every time.

  • Tweaked: Vehicle screen

  • Fixed: Reload animation for Remington 870 Wingmaster

  • Fixed: Missing hunter sense red dot for Remington 7600 and Remington 1903

  • Fixed: Infinite reload and reload without hand animation for Remington 1903

  • Fixed: Hold fire reload causing ammo loss with pump-action shotguns

  • Fixed: Additional reload sound when reloading only 1 bullet to Grandpa’s old rifle

  • Fixed: Animation blends in crouch position

  • Fixed: Changing units format not updating in the objective goal counter

  • Fixed: Sound analysis displaying for animals further than 300m

  • Fixed: FPS drops when the mission ‘Black sheep’ is active

  • Fixed: Waterfowl spooking behavior

  • Fixed: Unintentional closing of the inactive mission warning pop-up when harvesting an animal

  • Fixed: Settings and player position reset when changing difficulty from Adventurer

  • (MP) Fixed: Hunter sense not turning off when the player is standing on a moving car

  • (MP) Fixed: Shot animal sometimes freezing in T-pose for client

  • (MP) Fixed: Events based on time of day for clients (lodge lights)

  • Fixed: Lake missing on the hunting map in Transylvania

  • Fixed: Character getting stuck on the ladder in Nez Perce Valley mountains

  • Fixed: Missing texture in a river section in Transylvania

  • Fixed: Nez Perce Valley river graphical tweaks (water outside of river bed, misaligned textures)

  • Fixed: Community-reported crashes

Before you opt in to the development branch, please make sure that you back up your save file, as progress you make on the development branch WILL NOT CARRY OVER to the stable version if you later choose to switch back. The patch will be pushed to the stable version and other platforms as soon as we have confirmed that it is indeed stable.

Please refer to this Steam Forums thread to learn how to opt into the Development branch: https://steamcommunity.com/.../dis.../0/3316358999128751436/

We will be grateful for any and all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please make sure that you enter the correct version): https://redmine.thqnordic.com/.../way-of-the.../issues/new

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Way of the Hunter is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

You can find more information about the game on the official website: