Steyr Challenge 2023

A taste of precision rifles meets hunting thrills at STEYR CHALLENGE 2023. Yes, it was one heck of a weekend - tough and absolutely awesome.

Last weekend, we had the privilege of joining our esteemed friends and partners from Steyr Arms in the breathtaking Austrian Alps at this year's edition of their annual event - Steyr Challenge.

Though for most participants it is an opportunity to test their mettle against other teams in a competition of endurance, strength, and shooting prowess, we were more than happy to cheer on from the sidelines and showcase Way of the Hunter to a crowd of enthusiasts.

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But perhaps most importantly (and enjoyably), we spent as much time as we could at the shooting range - hands-on with some of our favorite Steyr rifles from the game (that Monobloc is truly something!), including ones that will be joining the roster very soon with the upcoming Steyr Arms Pack DLC!

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Chief among them, the ultralight Steyr-Gams, designed for hunts in the alpine and appropriately named after the native chamois. Announcing a completely new rifle on the same day as its real-life counterpart - and then being able to take it for a spin that very weekend - is a truly rare opportunity and we were immensely grateful to be there for it.

Thank you and until next time, Steyr Arms! And for those of us who don't make our way to the shooting range as often as we'd like to, we'll keep enjoying the next best thing in Way of the Hunter.

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