Update 1.20 (Dev branch)

New development version of Steam update 1.20

Update 1.20 is now live on Development branch on Steam, bringing colorblind options, two new animals, new tasks, new multiplayer features, improvements and fixes, and more to Way of the Hunter.

(Development branch, Steam) Version 1.20 patch notes:

  • Added: Colorblind options

  • Added: New animals - Golden jackal (Transylvania) and Snowshoe hare (Nez Perce Valley)

  • Added: 5 New tasks in campsites

    • 2 for Brown bear

    • 3 for Golden jackal and Snowshoe hare

  • (MP) Added: Character selection screen

  • (MP) Added: Sleeping - server can now change time

  • Added: Roaming lone deer in both maps

  • Added: Save corruption dialog on PC and backup save corruption fix

  • Tweaked: Ambient sounds mix

  • Tweaked: Firearm sway in hunting stand reduced. Standing with the perk is now equal to crouching with the perk

  • Tweaked: Storage UI

  • Tweaked: Improved waterfowl lifecycle

  • Tweaked: Vehicle screen is closed after selecting a vehicle

  • Tweaked: Wind affecting shotgun pellets

  • Tweaked: Reduced the effect of maximum hunting pressure

  • Balanced: Taste the world mission requirements changed from 4 star+ badger, to 3 star+ badger. Required meat amount increased to 20kg.

  • Fixed: Animals dying in T-pose

  • Fixed: Swapped Red Deer caller calls

  • Fixed: Eurasian badger and Roe deer missing from the filter section in Hunting map

  • Fixed: Player’s falling under the terrain near Yi’s cabin

  • Fixed: Animals shot down in water while running kept splashing the water

  • Fixed: Rounding up imperial unit format when zeroing firearms

  • Fixed: Visual environmental issues

  • Fixed: Dust particles in high altitude

  • Fixed: Body in prone position in Photo mode

  • Fixed: Animation transitions when changing stances

  • Fixed: Sibyl Eyes perk description

  • (MP) Fixed: Animal animation desync

  • (MP) Fixed: Animals constantly looking at Client while running away

  • (MP) Fixed: Gamer tag sometimes not displayed in hunting map

  • (MP) Fixed: Player start location in Transylvania (Characters should no longer spawn in each other in Transylvania)

  • (MP) Fixed: Infinite jumping loop

  • Fixed: Localization issues

    • Misspelling in mission descriptions (Czech and Slovak language)

    • Misspelling in dialog window for Polish language

    • Variables displayed in Encyclopedia for Czech, Japanese and Chinese languages

Known issues:

  • Initial sound volume is low. Sound volume auto-corrects after first opening and closing any menu.

  • (MP) Female player character uses male sound effect for Hold breath

Before you opt into the development branch, please make sure that you back up your save file, as progress you make on the development branch WILL NOT CARRY OVER to the stable version if you later choose to switch back. The patch will be pushed to the stable version and other platforms as soon as we have confirmed that it is indeed stable.

Please refer to this Steam Forums thread to learn how to opt into the Development branch.

We will be grateful for any and all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please make sure that you enter the correct version).

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Way of the Hunter is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.