Update 1.23 (Dev branch) is live on Steam

Hunters! Thank you all for bearing with us while we worked on the long-awaited 1.23

Update 1.23 is now live on the Development branch on Steam, adding rare fur variants to Aurora Shores, new taxidermy stands, and much, much more to Way of the Hunter.

We will push this update to the stable version on Steam, as well as EGS, GOG, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S as soon as we have confirmed that it is, indeed, stable.

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(Development branch, Steam) Version 1.23 patch notes

  • Added: Taxidermy stands for landowner’s cottages in Nez Perce Valley, Transylvania, and Aurora Shores

  • Added: Rare fur variations for animals in Aurora Shores

    • Albino Wood Bison

    • Melanistic Alaskan Moose

  • Added: Aurora Shores achievements

  • Added: Ambient volume slider in audio options

  • Added: Progress reset in the Settings

  • Added: Rare fur identifier in the claim screen

  • Added: Aurora Shores - new discoverable fast travel destinations: Parking lots

  • Added: Possibility to close tutorial pop-ups

  • Added: Sound effects for traversing water

  • (MP) Added: Exploration marker multiplayer support

  • Tweaked: Visual improvements to albino animals

  • Tweaked: Changes to the life cycles of big game animals and predators

  • Tweaked: Nez Perce Valley’s Elk specified to Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni)

  • Tweaked: Nez Perce Valley’s Moose specified to Western moose (Alces alces andersoni)

  • Tweaked: High-distance visibility of small animals

  • Tweaked: Hunting log sorting changed to “new to old”

  • Tweaked: Controls

    • Exit vehicle is now Square / X (consistent with enter vehicle)

    • Vehicle horn is now Circle / B

    • Default controller sensitivity of look increased by 30%

  • Tweaked: Environmental imperfections/defects

  • Tweaked: Taxidermy stands clipping through ceiling/walls when populated with large trophies

  • Tweaked: Mission “Sure As Shooting” - initial voice-over playback and target marker

  • Tweaked: Corrected the rotation speed of arrows in the Bullet Camera

  • Tweaked: Camera snapping while moving in prone on a slope

  • Tweaked: Sound cues

  • Tweaked: Alert distribution for animals when crossbow hunting

  • Tweaked: Optimizations for static animal signs, grass system, and hunter sense decals

  • Fixed: Auto-walk deactivating when using binoculars

  • Fixed: Incorrect trophies displayed for young and adult animals in Taxidermy assistant

  • Fixed: Vehicle position being persistent between MP and SP

  • Fixed: Inability to exit a vehicle while parked in a bush

  • Fixed: Firearm UI elements sometimes disappear when quickly switching gear

  • Fixed: Fires in fireplaces in Aurora Shores (lodge and cottages)

  • Fixed: Binoculars occasionally not displaying Hunter sense info

  • Fixed: Animals making somersaults over the water

  • Fixed: Blood tracks stopping if an animal despawns while fleeing

  • Fixed: Animal trophy scores over 500

  • Fixed: Campsite map icon missing in Transylvania

  • Fixed: Time of day not pausing while in menu

  • Fixed: Animals with incorrect fitness responding to calls

  • Fixed: Pathfinding of called animals

  • Fixed: Wolves disappearing at 500m

  • Fixed: Detached caribou head on a taxidermy stand

  • Fixed: Remington 1903 accuracy when using iron sights

  • Partially fixed: Occasional wrong animal pose in the bullet camera, causing bullet trajectory and damage to not line up

  • Partially fixed: Mission animals not spawning in previously pressured herds

Next steps

Before you opt into the development branch, please make sure that you back up your save file, as the progress you make on the development branch WILL NOT CARRY OVER to the stable version if you later choose to switch back. The patch will be pushed to the stable version and other platforms as soon as we have confirmed that it is indeed stable.

Please refer to this Steam Forums thread to learn how to opt into the Development branch.

We will be grateful for any and all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please make sure that you enter the correct version).

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