Update 1.24.3 - Dev Branch

Version 1.24.3 is now live on the Development branch on Steam

Update 1.24.3 is now live on the Development branch on Steam, adding new rifle scopes from Bushnell, trophy variations for mule deer, melanistic barren-ground caribou, and much, much more to Way of the Hunter.

We will push this update to the stable version on Steam, as well as EGS, GOG, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S as soon as we have confirmed that it is, indeed, stable.

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(Development branch, Steam) Version 1.24.3 patch notes:

  • Added: New rifle scopes from Bushnell:

  • Added: New trophy variations for Mule deer

  • Added: Melanistic Barren-ground caribou

  • Added: Different glow effect for already discovered animal sign

  • Added: HUD icon for currently equipped gear

  • Added: HUD label for more convenient gear selection (controller only)

  • Added: Additional sorting options for Animals and Characters in the Encyclopedia

  • Added: Video settings:

    • Motion blur (on/off)

    • FPS limit (30/60/120/unlimited)

  • Tweaked: Head camera movement reduction

  • Tweaked: Charging behavior

    • Cape buffalo and moose will charge 40% less, inspect 60% less

    • Other frequently charging animals will charge 40-60% less

    • Other species that inspect frequently will inspect 55% less

  • Tweaked: Updated the shot sound effect for .22 LR and .338 Lapua

  • Tweaked: All full-screen menus fixed to 60FPS

  • Fixed: UI: The message “This action not allowed“ getting stuck on the screen

  • Fixed: UI: Tracking markers reappearing after game reload

  • Fixed: UI: Ladder interaction prompt staying visible while climbing the ladder

  • Fixed: Animals: Young animals with 2-star trophy rating

  • Fixed: Animals: Decreased trophy rating and score on some taxidermized animals

  • Fixed: Animals: Dead bodies of small game not being aligned to terrain after reloading the map

  • Fixed: Arms: Steyr Gams having magazine capacity of 5 (changed to 4)

  • Fixed: Arms: Steyr Gams shot sound being too loud

  • Fixed: Arms: Remington 1903 iron sight not being accurate

  • Fixed: Arms: Incorrect ammo loading when there was less ammo in the inventory than in the magazine

  • Fixed: Arms: Aim mode “Hold” breaking equipment switching in some situations

  • Fixed: Arms: Firearms held too high when aiming down sights

  • Fixed: Arms: Names of new Steyr firearms not being aligned correctly in Arabic

  • Fixed: Gear: Wrong animation of Rattle bag when crouched

  • Fixed: Story: A rare crash during the mission “Not forgotten“

  • Fixed: Story: Diorama not having the option to display Hollywood

  • Fixed: Free Hunt: Changing the difficulty in free hunt not resetting the player’s location

  • Fixed: Choppy audio when spooking multiple large herds of animals

  • Fixed: Incorrect lighting of rocks on Low effects settings causing them to look too dark

  • Fixed: River bank without collision in Tikamoon Plains

  • Fixed: Hole in a creek resulting in instant death in Tikamoon Plains

  • Fixed: Animals getting stuck under a bridge in Tikamoon Plains

  • Fixed: Misplaced grass patches and rocks in Tikamoon Plains

  • Fixed: European hare female adult age range (was 8-8, now 5-8)

  • (MP) Fixed: Dead animals disappearing when client returned to the animal body from a location further away

  • (MP) Fixed: Client being unable to harvest animals

  • (MP) Fixed: Client’s perks not updating

  • (MP) Fixed: Bow not having an arrow loaded for client after joining

  • (MP) Fixed: Client’s side marker placed on 2nd attempt

  • (MP) Fixed: Arms animations

    • Steyr Mannlicher incorrect case eject animation

    • Steyr Monobloc ARMAD reload crouch animation

    • Steyr Gams incorrect muzzle flash placement

    • Misaligned bow reload when crouched

  • (MP) Fixed: Client being able to move vehicle icon while moving around in hunting map

Next steps

Before you opt into the development branch, please make sure that you back up your save file, as the progress you make on the development branch WILL NOT CARRY OVER to the stable version if you later choose to switch back. The patch will be pushed to the stable version and other platforms as soon as we have confirmed it is stable.

Please refer to this Steam Forums thread to learn how to opt into the Development branch.

We will be grateful for any feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please make sure that you enter the correct version).

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