Update 1.25.2 is live on all platforms

New female taxidermy options, the option to toggle variable zoom on binoculars, and several new parking spots across Nez Perce Valley and Transylvania!

Update 1.25.2 is live on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S! This update introduces over 400 new female taxidermy options across all maps, along with numerous new parking spots in Nez Perce Valley and Transylvania, and much more to enrich your experience in Way of the Hunter! Additionally, this update unveils a new cosmetic DLC: Outfits Pack, now available for PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S at SRP of € 4.99 / $ 4.99. The Outfits Pack includes original costumes for River, April, Wallace, Jackie, and Malachi, usable across all game modes. Find out more about the DLC: Outfits Pack HERE.

Update 1.25.2 is available to all base game owners, regardless of whether you own the Outfits Pack DLC or any previous DLC. For detailed information, please refer to the patch notes below.

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(PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S) Version 1.25.2 (Build: 121629) patch notes

  • Paid DLC: Outfits Pack:

    • An alternative cosmetic look for River, Jackie, April, Wallace, and Malachi (available in Story mode, Free Hunt, and Multiplayer)

  • Added:

    • More than 400 female taxidermy options on existing stands across all maps

    • Option to toggle on variable zoom on both binoculars for added comfort

    • Several new parking spots all across Nez Perce Valley and Transylvania

    • (PC) Option to switch between controller UI styles (Xbox/PlayStation 5 DualSense)

  • Tweaked:

    • The range of Animal analysis with Hunter sense while using binoculars was increased to 350 meters

    • Improvements to the Sika deer model to better reflect its real-life counterpart

    • Hunting pressure was tuned to make flipping need zones from “Often” to “Rarely” more consistent

    • Visual tweaks to the Mountain goat claim screen model

    • Improvements to the placing of tripod stands on steep terrain

  • Fixed:

    • Wrong age range for Red deer in Encyclopedia

    • Mature females sometimes changing to young in the taxidermy list

    • Incorrect habitat specified in the shop thumbnail for Awa Nui Tops boundary pass (Matariki Park)

    • Treetops looking detached from the rest of the trees on low graphic-quality settings

    • Sambar deer trophy in a diorama facing the wall

    • Aggressive culling/gene pool management resulting in a drop in the fitness of animals in the relevant habitat

    • Respawning of killed Sambar deer from the mission “Back in the basement” (Matariki Park)

    • The “Unable to place tripod stand” message staying visible after fast travel

    • Tripod stand bag not glowing when placing the stand

    • Hunting log entries from midnight/early morning being listed as more recent than other entries from the same day

    • (PC) Inability to rebind keys to numbers on the numpad

    • MP: Lack of fur pattern randomness on Feral goats and Feral pigs

    • MP: Client being able to place an unlimited number of tripod stands

    • MP: Tripod stand deployment notifications being visible for other players

    • Various minor localization issues

    • Various minor environmental issues in Matariki Park and Transylvania

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We will be grateful for all feedback and bug reports via the THQ Nordic Redmine (when creating a ticket, please ensure you enter the correct version).

Good hunting!

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