Way of the Hunter: Season One Ultimate Edition coming soon!

Experience Hunting Season One on Way of the Hunter with our physical edition which combines the base game and all Season One DLCs.

As season one in Way of The Hunter officially comes to an end, we're thrilled to announce the release of our complete physical edition of Hunting Season One bundle. Explore four expansive hunting grounds, encounter 45 unique animal species, and arm yourself with a diverse arsenal of rifles, crossbows, shotguns, and bows. Navigate the wilderness in style with rugged off-road vehicles and agile UTVs.

Watch the new trailer here:

Hunting Season One includes:

  • Way of the Hunter base game

  • Aurora Shores DLC

  • Tikamoon Plains DLC

  • Hunter’s Pack DLC


Get ready to dive into the hunt of a lifetime, and stay tuned for our exciting upcoming roadmap plans as we embark on the next phase of Way of The Hunter!

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