Hunter Log #1

A regular journal chronicling the life of Way of the Hunter, its community, and the studio making it

Greetings, hunters!

Have you been wondering about everything that happened in the Way of the Hunter community since the new year started? Well, you have come to the right place. We'll go through recently added content, burning issues, and impressive community creations. Let's get right into it.

What's new

A major update and our first free DLC, that's what!

Version 1.21 has been playable on Steam's development branch since December last year but we finally released it to all players a few weeks ago. The update added highly requested rare fur variants for some of our animals, specifically albino white-tailed deer and red deer, and melanistic mule deer and roe deer. We have also included a few bonuses, such as a selection of cool tunes for the vehicle radio, 12 new tasks, and tweaks to the game's Main menu, making the difficulty selection screen more easily accessible so that everyone can tune their hunting experience to their needs, ability, or level of patience. Not to mention a full batch of bug fixes, as always. Click here if you have missed the full patch notes.

Radio is not the only update that our vehicle category received this month. Last week, we unveiled and released our first free DLC in the form of three UTV variants. We love how it makes easy work of almost any terrain you throw at it, and we hope you do too!

How you've been

Let's stay on the topic of UTVs for a bit more and address the elephant in the room - the in-game price. We see your feedback and we understand that our pricing may have been off the mark, making the UTV out of reach for many of you. Although we aim to keep our intention of making the UTV a premium in-game purchase, we do not intend to frustrate you--on the contrary, we want you to enjoy it. We are currently exploring options of making that happen, so stay tuned.

However, we were heartened to see the reactions of those of you who got to take it for a spin:

You have also, once again, delivered some amazing snaps in our winter holiday screenshot contest. Congrats to Gateiro on the win, and a big shout out to the runners-up Sergyrbb10, Geeman, and Olivier Bernier:

My image alt text

By Gateiro (Discord)

My image alt text

By Sergyrbb10 (Discord)

My image alt text

By Geeman (Discord)

My image alt text

By Olivier Bernier (Facebook)

We liked to see that our newly added rare fur variants kept you busy! Some of these trophies are seriously impressive:

My image alt text

By NeXus_Flako (Discord)

My image alt text

By TheGlizzyGobler (Discord)

My image alt text

By Sergyrbb10 (Discord)

My image alt text

By Sergyrbb10 (Discord)

My image alt text

By FeiYen (Discord)

My image alt text


Ever since the initial release, a bunch of you have shown serious dedication and compiled hard-earned information and data into comprehensive guides. There are several that we would like to showcase, but as far as we know, TheOrigin was the original sleuth, starting this Animal table & visualisation guide back in August. Go check it out!

My image alt text

Last but not least, you have taken the recently opened German and French-language channels on our official Discord by storm. We love to see it! If you haven’t already, join us there!

My image alt text

What’s next

There are no two ways about it, we have previously shared that you can expect our first Map DLC in Q1 of 2023 and we are hard at work to get everything ready for you. It’s not quite yet the time to share any details about the new map but the first quarter isn’t much longer, is it? Stay tuned!

At the same time, we are working on resolving bugs and issues reported by the community. These are some of those that we consider most pressing and which we hope to address in the near future:

  • Inability to sell animals in multiplayer

  • Animals occasionally fast-traveling with the player

  • Animals standing still for longer periods

  • Camera bobbing up and down while crouch-walking on sloped terrain

  • Low penetration of shotgun pellets

  • Missing/inaudible sound cues on the PS5

We are also seeing that some players on the PS5 are experiencing issues connecting to multiplayer servers. If you are one of those players, the following may be useful to you:

The reported issues are most likely caused by the server having a restricted NAT policy on their console. You can check your NAT type via the PS5 dashboard in Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection. NAT type will be listed in the results and will either be 1, 2, or 3. 3 is the most restricted one and a confirmation that this is the source of your connection issues. To resolve the issue, please go into your router's settings and either: 

  1. Enable UPnP, or 

  2. Enable Port Forwarding for UDP ports 3658 , 8571, 49152 – 65535

If you keep experiencing issues, these or otherwise, please let us know via the THQ Nordic Redmine, or come chat with us on Discord. Hope that helps!

Oh, and by the way, Way of the Hunter is now available on GeForce NOW alongside other awesome games published by THQ Nordic! You can read the full blog post here.

Thank you for caring about Way of the Hunter and if you have any thoughts to share, you know where to find us (and if you are not a fan of social platforms, drop us a line at info[at]

Good hunting!

On behalf of Nine Rocks Games,
Michal, Community Manager

My image alt text

By Hetstaine (Steam)