Pets of NRG: Holden

Meet Holden, the adorable Corgi who adds a whole lot of fluffy charm to our office!

Meet Holden, the chief producer of cuteness at Nine Rocks Games. Holden has been Andrea's beloved companion, our game lead designer, for four years now! With his adorable face and mischievous spirit, Holden has sort of become the unofficial mascot of the company. In his free time, Holden's favorite activities include sleeping and playfully teasing his human companion.

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Despite his playful behavior, Holden has a soft spot for one particular colleague at Nine Rocks Games - Anastázia, whose warm greetings and generous belly rubs never fail to brighten his day. His kind nature, however, ensures that he enjoys the company of everyone, especially those who have the distinct scent of well-worn shoes.

Here are a few fun facts about Holden that might not be crucial but are delightful to know:

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Holden loves to supervise their human's work.

If you have any life motto, what that would be?

“My mama told me I could become whatever I want. So I became a problem.”

How do you deal with stress at work? Belly rubs or howling to the void?

I like to crawl into very tiny spaces where I usually pretend I can’t reach - like for a ball, but when I’m afraid I’ll get there very easily.

Do you have a favorite spot in the office where you like to chill out?

I like the entire office, because it’s full of carpets, we don’t have carpets at home. I like to spread my fluff and dig into the carpet. I’m not allowed on the balcony, because my human is afraid that I’ll murder the crows who like to visit the office sometimes. I don’t like birds. I’d probably kill them if I’d had the chance.

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If you could design your own game, what would it be about?

Probably something very much like Way of the Hunter. I like the grass and chasing animals. I only miss the feature to Fetch the ball, I can fetch it for hours.

So here's to Holden and all the pets that make our lives more enjoyable. Happy National Pet Day!

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Here are the beloved pets of Nine Rocks Games - our adorable headaches and endless sources of stress-relief amusement!